Women on the Mountain was more than just a weekend conference for females interested in technology and business! It was a weekend of skill and knowledge sharing, networking and exploring new things.

The event took place at the Coworking Bansko that already became home for several digital nomads, freelancers and adventurous personalities. When I saw Coworking for the first time my reaction was like: “Wow! This place is made for people. Coworking where you want to work at.”

Being a speaker at such a boutique event was a pleasure and an excellent experience “Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech and Business” to hear women’s only perspective, get to know about their experiences, challenges and ideas on how to create a balance in technology and business. The topic of the presentation was not random, as the mission of the Coding Girls is to empower girls to get started in coding and to increase the number of women in technology, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Coding Girls are striving to make a difference in technology and raise the awareness of the benefits of the diversity of thought. Coding Girls have activated Plovdiv, Sofia and Vienna. Coding Girls is looking for volunteers, like-minded people, partners to make the world a more inclusive and diverse for everyone.